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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-ASCII module enables connection to RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 ASCII compatible devices. This module provides the communications interface to the ASCII device.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: CompactLogix
Bulletin Number: 1768 / 1769
Product Type: Specialty module
Description: ASCII communication module
Signal Type: ASCII
Mounting: Chassis mount; DIN Rail or Panel
Power Rating: 425mA @ 5Vdc
Power Supply Distance Rating: 4
Power Dissipation, Max: 2.13 Watts
Thermal Dissipation: 7.3 BTU/hr.
Number of Ports: 2 Ports; Port 1: Full Duplex RS232 and RS422 Port 2: Full Duplex (RS485)
Recommended cable: Belden 8761 (Shielded)
Transmits Transaction ID: 0…255
About the 1769-ASCII
The 1769-ASCII is a specialty options module compatible with MicroLogix 1500 and Allen Bradley’s 1769 CompactLogix family of controllers which allows data exchange between ASCII capable devices. This particular module comes with a Two (2) ASCII ports that are isolated and individually configured. The module is configured using RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 programming software for MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers respectively. Specific instructions sets are available for use that contributes for faster configuration and commissioning. The ASCII ports can be configured to work individually as alternating mode or dual simultaneous mode. The 1769-ASCII is backplane powered and permits installation to a CompactLogix chassis. The module does not require an external power supply however, proper CompactLogix power supply sizing must be observed to ensure sufficient power in the backplane. The module is configured using Studio 5000 programming software wherein specific instructions sets are available in the project library which contributes for faster configuration and commissioning. The ASCII ports can be configured to work individually as alternating mode or dual simultaneous mode and can be used as RS233 / RS422 (Port1) and RS485 (Port 2) independently. To ensure safety and protect the module from damage, remove power from the backplane by turning off the power supply as electric arcs may occur during the locking of bus levers while inserting the module. The module is intended for mounting to a properly grounded surface such as a grounding bar or a metal panel. Replacement of 1769-ASCII modules may be considered if the module is sending erroneous signal or causes an unintended movement of the actuating element.
Revisions: 1769-ASCIIA , 1769-ASCIIB , 1769-ASCIIC , 1769-ASCIID , 1769-ASCIIE , 1769-ASCIIF , 1769-ASCIIG , 1769-ASCIIH , 1769-ASCIII , 1769-ASCIIJ , 1769-ASCIIK , 1769-ASCIIL , 1769-ASCIIM , 1769-ASCIIN , 1769-ASCIIO , 1769-ASCIIP , 1769-ASCIIQ , 1769-ASCIIR , 1769-ASCIIS , 1769-ASCIIT , 1769-ASCIIU , 1769-ASCIIV , 1769-ASCIIW , 1769-ASCIIX , 1769-ASCIIY , 1769-ASCIIZ ,

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