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1769-BOOLEAN | Allen Bradley CompactLogix

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-BOOLEAN module is a combination 24Vdc input and output module. The module outputs can be configured via the user program or Boolean expressions.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: CompactLogix
Product Type: Specialty module
Description: Boolean Control Module
Signal Type: Discrete
Mounting: Chassis mount; DIN Rail or Panel
Power Rating: 220mA @ 5Vdc
Power Supply Distance Rating: 8
Heat Dissipation, Max:` 3.55 Watts
Isolated groups: Group 1: Inputs 0-7; Group 2: Output 0-3
Dimensions: 118 mm x 87 mm x 35 mm (4.65 in. x 3.43 in. x 1.38 in.) Height including mounting tabs is 138 mm (5.43 in.)
Input Voltage Category 24Vdc (sink)
Output Voltage Category 24Vdc (source)
Number of Inputs: 8 real; 8 virtual
About the 1769-BOOLEAN
The 1769-BOOLEAN is a specialty options module compatible with MicroLogix 1500 and Allen Bradley’s 1769 CompactLogix family of controllers. This particular module has Eight (8) Inputs and Four (4) outputs configurable using BOOLEAN expression or by the user program. The module also supports controller interrupts on both states of Input and Output. Boolean expressions are logical combination of operands. An expression which has an output that can be represented as 0 and 1; True or False are generally called Boolean. Typical operands are AND, OR, Exclusive OR (Ex-OR) among others. which can be the actual Input states and software Input elements inside the user program. Using RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 programming software, the 1769-BOOLEAN can be inserted and parameterized such as configuration of Input filters, Output delays, logic expressions and enabling/disabling of a channel. The module is powered through the CompactLogix backplane. It requires an external 24Vdc power source for the Input and Output to function. The module can be safely operated with a single ground wherein the Input and Output channels share the same 24Vdc potential. This mode may eliminate the isolation between the circuits thus, perform the acceptable wiring accordingly. When installing the module, remove power from the backplane by turning off the power supply as electric arcs may occur during the locking of bus levers. The module is intended for mounting to a properly grounded surface such as a grounding bar or a metal panel.
Revisions: 1769-BOOLEANA , 1769-BOOLEANB , 1769-BOOLEANC , 1769-BOOLEAND , 1769-BOOLEANE , 1769-BOOLEANF , 1769-BOOLEANG , 1769-BOOLEANH , 1769-BOOLEANI , 1769-BOOLEANJ , 1769-BOOLEANK , 1769-BOOLEANL , 1769-BOOLEANM , 1769-BOOLEANN , 1769-BOOLEANO , 1769-BOOLEANP , 1769-BOOLEANQ , 1769-BOOLEANR , 1769-BOOLEANS , 1769-BOOLEANT , 1769-BOOLEANU , 1769-BOOLEANV , 1769-BOOLEANW , 1769-BOOLEANX , 1769-BOOLEANY , 1769-BOOLEANZ ,

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