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1769-ECL | Allen Bradley CompactLogix

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-ECL is a CompactLogix components that is used to terminate the communication bus. This module is installed after the last module of the chassis.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: CompactLogixProduct Type:
Shipping weight: 130 g (0.286 lb)
Dimension: 4.6 inches X 3.43 Inches X 0.59 inches. (H x W x D)
Current Draw @ 5.14Vdc: 5 mA
Current Draw @ 24Vdc: 0 mA
Operating Altitude: 2000 meters (6561 feet)
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Vibration: 5 g, 10…500 Hz
Operating Shock: DIN rail mount: 20 g; Panel mount: 30 g
Non-Operating Shock: DIN rail mount: 30 g; Panel mount: 40 g
About the 1769-ECL
The 1769-ECL is used with Allen Bradley’s 1769 CompactLogix family of controllers. This component is installed after the last module of the chassis to terminate the communication bus, signaling end of the connection. The 1769-ECL is a passive device that functions similar to a terminating resistor. The component consumes the signals, in the form of voltages, present in the communication bus. Similarly, the 1769-ECL establishes Processor communication and allows the controller to identify the end of the chassis by terminating the communication bus. The component is sensitive to electrostatic discharge as it contains electronic components. Before installing, touch a grounded object to discharge static potential, wear an appropriate wrist strap, do not touch conductors and electronic components, store in a static safe location and work on a static safe station. The 1769-ECL is installed on the left side of the chassis as the name implies. Locate the last module of the chassis and slide the component from the top aligned with the last module. When properly aligned, switch the bus lever to establish connection to the bus. If restriction is felt, verify alignment of the component and ensure contacts are not deformed. The component does not support hot-swap feature. Do not attempt to install and uninstall the component on a powered or functioning system. Doing so may render the system not operational, switch to an uncontrollable state or completely shut down the process. The module’s dimension is 3.43 Inches wide, 4.6 inches long and depth of 0.59 inches.
Revisions: 1769-ECLA , 1769-ECLB , 1769-ECLC , 1769-ECLD , 1769-ECLE , 1769-ECLF , 1769-ECLG , 1769-ECLH , 1769-ECLI , 1769-ECLJ , 1769-ECLK , 1769-ECLL , 1769-ECLM , 1769-ECLN , 1769-ECLO , 1769-ECLP , 1769-ECLQ , 1769-ECLR , 1769-ECLS , 1769-ECLT , 1769-ECLU , 1769-ECLV , 1769-ECLW , 1769-ECLX , 1769-ECLY , 1769-ECLZ ,

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