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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-HSC is a High Speed Counter module is used for interfacing instruments such as encoders, totalizers and metering systems. This module includes the features and modularity of any ConmpactLogix module.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 1769-HSC
Input Voltage 2.6…30V DC
Input current, max 15 mA, Max.
No. of Inputs: 2 quadrature (ABZ) differential inputs
No. of Outputs: 16 total, 4 physical and 12 virtual
Power Supply Distance Rating: Module cannot be more than four modules away from a system power supply
Recommended Cable: Individually shielded, twisted-pair cable (or the type recommended by the encoder or sensor manufacturer
Wire size: 0.32… 2.1 mm2 (22…14 AWG) solid copper wire or 0.32…1.3 mm2 (22…16 AWG) stranded copper wire rated at 90 °C (194 °F ) insulation max
Current Draw @ 5.14Vdc: 425 mA
Current Draw @ 24Vdc: 0 mA
Shipping weight: 130 g (0.286 lb)
Dimension: 118 x 35 x 87 mm (4.65 x 1.38 x 3.43 in.) Height including mounting tabs is 138 mm (5.43 in.)
About the 1769-HSC
The 1769-HSC is used with Allen Bradley’s MicroLogix 1500 and 1769 CompactLogix family of controllers. This module has a frequency of 1MHz for counter and encoder functions. It accepts an input voltage range of 2.6 - 30Vdc. It also includes Four (4) onboard 5-30Vdc sourcing outputs intended for high-speed control requirements such as position, speed and motion. The 1769-HSC has Two (2) Quadrature (ABZ) differential inputs alternately configurable as internal and external pulse direction reference, X1, X2 and X4 quadrature encoder input. It also has safe control options feature that allows module operation in the event of fault or other program conditions. The module has selectable input filters, user definable preset, configurable maximum and minimum count values, 16 user defined ranges each individually assignable to 1 of the 4 counter channels and able to operate in ring or linear counter operation. The 1769-HSC is installed with a maximum of Four (4) modules away from the power supply. Hot-swap feature is not supported by this module. Do not attempt to install and uninstall the module on a powered or functioning system. Performing this may render the system unresponsive, switch to an uncontrollable state or completely shut down. When terminating the inputs to the signal source, ensure power is removed including sensor power and 1769 backplane power. Shielded cable is necessary for High-speed input signals. For encoder applications, use individually shielded, twisted pair cable or the ones specified by the encoder manufacturer. Limit the distance up to 300m (1000ft). Observe proper grounding and noise elimination when using this module. If signal cable for the modules crosses an AC or power cable, ensure that the cables cross at right angles.
Revisions: 1769-HSCA , 1769-HSCB , 1769-HSCC , 1769-HSCD , 1769-HSCE , 1769-HSCF , 1769-HSCG , 1769-HSCH , 1769-HSCI , 1769-HSCJ , 1769-HSCK , 1769-HSCL , 1769-HSCM , 1769-HSCN , 1769-HSCO , 1769-HSCP , 1769-HSCQ , 1769-HSCR , 1769-HSCS , 1769-HSCT , 1769-HSCU , 1769-HSCV , 1769-HSCW , 1769-HSCX , 1769-HSCY , 1769-HSCZ ,

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