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Allen Bradley CompactLogix

1769-L32C | Allen Bradley CompactLogix

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-L32C is a CompactLogix controller belonging to the 1769 CompactLogix family. The controller has a built-in ControlNet port for operation with ControlNet capable partner devices.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 1769- L32C
Product Family: CompactLogix
Product Type Controller
Memory: 750KB
Communication ports: 1 RS232; 1 ControlNet
Maximum number of I/O modules supported: 16
Maximum number of I/O banks supported: 3
Power supply distance rating: 4
Programming cable: 1747-CP3 / 1756-CP3
Battery: 1747-BA
Vibration: Operating: 10 to 500 Hz, 5G, 0.030 in. peak-to-peak
Operating Temperature: 0° to +60°C (+32° to +140°F)
Storage temperature 40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)
About the 1769-L32C
The 1769-L32C is used with Allen Bradley’s 1769 CompactLogix family. This processor has a built-in One (1) RS232 and One (1) ControlNet communications port. The built-in ControlNet communication port provides compatible connectivity to ControlNet enabled devices. The controller has a memory of and 750 Kbytes memory with an optionally expandable non-volatile memory with the use of 1784-CF64 or 1784-CF128 CompactFlash card. These non-volatile memory add-ons has 64 Kbytes and 128 Kbytes memory respectively. The controller can also be used for communications over DH485, DeviceNet and Ethernet using Peer to Peer messaging. RTU functionality is also supported by this processor in Full and Half duplex mode. Local RS232 ports may be used for upload and download operation, DH-485 network interfacing and ASCII communication. The Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L32C are practical control solutions for machine level and plant floor processes. ControlNet utilizes RG-6 coaxial cables with BNC connectors. ControlNet node address is conveniently set using a rotary switch from 01 to 99. The controller serve as the keeperas it keeps the configuration of the network. Maximize the processor’s capability by connecting an extended rack (bank) without the need of another controller. Up to Three (I/O banks can be installed) while the controller can host up to Sixteen (16) CompactLogix modules in its local chassis. Use RSLogix5000 to create and download user program for this processor. Data files are accessible through the software via drag and drop or data file selection. The controller support tag-based and alias addressing. The controller supports Relay Ladder, Function Block, Structured Text and SFC programming languages. The controller power supply distance rating is Four (4) modules. Install the processor within 4 slot positions from the power supply. Only one controller can be used in a CompactLogix system.
Revisions: 1769-L32CA , 1769-L32CB , 1769-L32CC , 1769-L32CD , 1769-L32CE , 1769-L32CF , 1769-L32CG , 1769-L32CH , 1769-L32CI , 1769-L32CJ , 1769-L32CK , 1769-L32CL , 1769-L32CM , 1769-L32CN , 1769-L32CO , 1769-L32CP , 1769-L32CQ , 1769-L32CR , 1769-L32CS , 1769-L32CT , 1769-L32CU , 1769-L32CV , 1769-L32CW , 1769-L32CX , 1769-L32CY , 1769-L32CZ ,

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