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1769-PA4 | Allen Bradley CompactLogix

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Description The 1769-PA4 is a Compact I/O power supply. This power supply provide power to the bus where CompactLogix module are attached.
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 1769- PA4
Product Family: CompactLogix
Product Type Power Supply
Input Voltage range: 85…265V AC
Input frequency range: 47…63 Hz
Power Supply Distance rating: 8; 8 I/O modules can be connected on either side of the power supply for a maximum of 16 module.
Power consumption: 200VA @ 120V AC 240VA @ 240V AC
Power dissipation: 18 W @ 60 °C (140 °F)
Current capacity @ 5V DC: 4.0 A
Current capacity @ 24V DC: 2.0A
Inrush current, max: 25 A @ 132V AC
Fuse type: Littelfuse 02183.15MXP
About the 1769-PA4
The 1769-PA4 is a CompactLogix power supply used with Allen Bradley’s 1769 CompactLogix product family. This power supply operates on an input voltage range of 85-265VAC and 47-63 Hz frequency. The unit’s current capacity is 4.0A and 2A at 5VDC and 24VDC respectively. is supplies power to the CompactLogix bus to enable the modules attached in the CompactLogix bus. The power supply is capable of supplying system power to either side of the module. The power supply is capable to operate brief power losses without affecting the system operation. This is called “program scan hold-up time after loss of power.” Brief power losses include the temporary loss or power directly from the source or voltage supply levels drop below the 1769-PA4’s operating range. Both cases are considered power loss. The hold up time takes effect on these situations. Depending on the I/O configuration, the hold up time varies. The usual range is 5ms to 10 seconds. If the power supply reaches the hold-up time limit, it provides feedback “power supply shutdown” to the CPU. This enables the CPU to properly shutdown the system. CompactLogix modules can be attached from left or right side of the power supply. The maximum amount of Current the CompactLogix support with a 1769-PA4 is 4 Amperes at 5VDC and 2 Ampere at 24VDC. Up to Eight (8) modules can be attached on either side of the power supply. The 1769-PA4 ships with a pre-installed fuse that can be accessed through the front panel. The fuse can be replaced with Littelfuse 02183.15MXP or any equivalent. Observe proper spacing from enclosure walls and panel accessories. In most applications, convective cooling keeps the system within the operating Temperature range. Maintain 50mm (2 inches) clearances on all sides of the CompactLogix chassis for proper air circulation. .
Revisions: 1769-PA4A , 1769-PA4B , 1769-PA4C , 1769-PA4D , 1769-PA4E , 1769-PA4F , 1769-PA4G , 1769-PA4H , 1769-PA4I , 1769-PA4J , 1769-PA4K , 1769-PA4L , 1769-PA4M , 1769-PA4N , 1769-PA4O , 1769-PA4P , 1769-PA4Q , 1769-PA4R , 1769-PA4S , 1769-PA4T , 1769-PA4U , 1769-PA4V , 1769-PA4W , 1769-PA4X , 1769-PA4Y , 1769-PA4Z ,

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